PDP reveals plan by APC to ‘frame’ its leaders for arrest in Akwa Ibom

Written by on January 21, 2019

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Akwa Ibom state has accused the All Progressives Congress of planning to feign events that would lead to the arrest of its members.

The Chairman of PDP in the state, Paul Ekpo, on Sunday, said the APC planned to use vehicles branded in PDP colour to disrupt its own rally while leaders of the PDP would be held responsible.

Ekpo said, “We have received a credible intelligence report that on January 21, 2019 or on any other day during an APC rally, buses or vehicles painted in PDP colours bearing state government number plates will be loaded with arms and occupied by some criminals heading for the venue for the APC’s rally.

“On approaching the venue, the buses and their occupants will be arrested and the contents of the buses displayed for all to see as a major security breakthrough.

“The criminals will in addition mention the names of some PDP top members as their financiers, necessitating their arrest and subsequent prosecution under the Anti-terrorism Act.

“This plot is aimed at arresting and incarcerating our key leaders and keeping them away from circulation throughout the elections.”

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