An Artist, Event Anchor, Voice-Over Artist, Script Writer and a Public Speaker. The Presenter of ? ‘R?’ ?LO?GBO?N, ETI ILU, ARA MERIIRI AND A CO-ANCHOR of Faaji Noble on Noble […]

A Media Personality with experience in acting, directing, writing and producing. He is also an On Air Personality. He is the Anchor of AGBA OJE (The Veteran) and also FAAJI […]

An Actor, Voice-Over Artiste, On Air Personality. Yoruba Program Consultant with Noble 107.1 FM. ANCHOR: Alujo Noble CO-ANCHOR: F’EFE S’OGBON

An Actress, Voice-Over Artist, On Air Personality. Anchor: Oju Oja, Co-Anchor: F’efe S’ogbon

A Reporter at Noble 107.1 FM; Associate Editor, News and Current Affairs

Yoruba News Caster, Anchor: Lagbo Oselu, Co-Anchor Benbe ORO, Anchor: Arigisegi Producer: Akoni Igbaani

Noble 107.1 FM Ibadan

Voice for voiceless

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