Two men claims to be actress’ dead son’s father

Written by on July 5, 2018

Two men are claiming to be the father of Patrick Peter, son of Tanzanian actress, Rose Alphonce, who died on Tuesday at a Nairobi hospital.

Alphonce popularly known as Muna Love said her son suffered from a brain tumour and was in a coma before he died.

It was when he died that the duo of her ex-husbands, Peter Zachariah, and Casto Dickson stepped forward, claiming paternity of the young boy.

However, the actress has cleared the air in a statement she issued. She said that her ex-husband, Peter Zachariah, is not the father of Patrick Peter and that his biological father was Casto Dickson. Although, Casto did not own up to the pregnancy by then and had asked her to terminate it.

On the other hand, Peter Zachariah says that he married the actress in 2010 and she was not pregnant. He revealed that she conceived after they got married.

He added that he had diligently paid the medical bills together with other maintenance costs as a father.

Patrick Peter is set to be hurried this Friday and the actress has recently stated that the burial arrangements are going on well in her home at Mbezi.

On her latest Instagram post, she has stated that they (the two men) should let her bury her son and that although Peter Zechariah helped her to enter the new life “motherhood” Casto Dickson is the real father of the child.

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